Ketubah Sizes

Please note that the amount of text chosen for a ketubah can sometimes require the ketubah to be printed at a larger size.  Normally this happens when including an English addition to the Hebrew text.  We will inform you of any size changes if necessary.

Changes or modifications in the text or signing lines

We can usually accommodate small changes that need to be made to texts or the number of signing lines you wish to have.  Rabbis can often differ on certain letters in the Orthodox or Conservative texts.  If a letter needs to be added or omitted according to your rabbi’s standards, it is generally not a problem.  Please make a note of these requests on your personalization form, under additional comments or requests.

Change in text colour

There is no additional cost if you want to change the colour of the ketubah text.  The preexisting text colours are chosen by the artist, however, if you’d like to highlight a different colour to complement the artwork, feel free to do so.  Please indicate this on the personalization form.

Text Proofs

You will always receive a proof of the text before the ketubah gets printed.  It is crucial that you have the proof read and approved by your rabbi or wedding officiant.  If you have given approval and find a mistake after the ketubah has been printed, The Ketubah Garden is not responsible.  If you need to reprint, we can accommodate but will have to charge a $75 reprinting fee.

Handling and Caring for your Ketubah

We suggest you use an acid free, waterproof, ultra fine pen to sign your ketubah.  Such pens can be found at any art or stationary store.

our ketubah is packed between two sturdy pieces of cardboard, four if being shipped.  There will be a piece of tissue paper on top of the ketubah.  Please keep the ketubah flat in the cardboard and always use clean and dry hands when handling the ketubah.  Do not roll your ketubah or put it in a shipping tube.  This can warp or crease the paper.

When choosing a spot to hang your ketubah, do not place it in any light sources.  This will cause fading of the artwork.  A reputable framer will be able to suggest proper glass and framing options to best preserve your ketubah.


If you have any further questions about our ketubahs, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can contact Michelle Cohen at or at 416 653 9972.